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What a joke! The Tate’s have really gone overboard now, haven’t they? Yes, I was a contracted author, who hired and paid them a large sum of money to edit, proofread, design cover, and publish my book in 2014. However, that failed tremendously. I’m out of the thousands of dollars and now they’re closed. What to do next. WAIT….


MUSTANG, Okla. – There’s more trouble for Tate Publishing.

“We were coached,” former Tate Publishing employees allege CEO tampered with federal investigation


Tate Publishing closes its doors.



RIP: Tate Publishing




My very first publisher, and I was taken for ten thousand and some dollars. What a crock of malarkey. I’m glad Ryan Tate got was coming to him. I told the FBI everything they wanted know about Ryan and Tate Publishing s few years back. And, it severs that S.O.B. right for not paying his bill to Xerox..

Check this out:

Tate Publishing Founder: “We love our authors. We are not going to abandon them.”


Lies! All lies. Tate and the family abandoned us all.



RE: Waya’s Chosen

ISBN #: 978-1-62994-457-9

October 1st, 2015


Dear Ryan Tate,

In February 2013 I found your website, Tate Publishing, while searching for a traditional publisher for my material. Even though your form in the site required me to send my manuscript, I only sent the first ten pages of a draft, so when I talked to Eric Sizemore, three days later, I asked what Tate thought of the material, and he stated that he did not read it personally. Below is the email I received from him prior to our conversation.



This e-mail is to inform you that we have accepted your submission for publication with us. The entire staff here at Tate Publishinging is truly blessed to have the possibility of partnering with you to see this project succeed on every level. It is important that you know what is about your book that caught our eye and you need to realize that a lot of time and effort goes in to each review of every submission that comes to us. Your book h as been chosen on the basis of writing ability, concept and most importantly-marketability. Attached, you will finda formal contract offer for you to review. Pleasse note that the offer is valid for 10 business days.”


Now, if you will or can, tell me how 10 pages of a messy draft is constituted as a manuscript? To my line of thinking, Tate never read it because if they had, they would not have sent me the contract. But because I believed in the Christianity thing that you hide behind, I paid the upfront fee of $3500.00, which EVEN THEN, I felt I was being conned into, but I wanted a published book.

On to corrections.


In May of 2013, I received an email from Mr. Colby asking if I were comfortable with the content of my material, and I told him NO! I was a new author and needed editing done to make it look and sound good. So on the first round of corrections, I was pressured by my production manager into making the needed corrections within 8-10 days or start over. I am a long-haul truck driver and Tate knew this when I signed on, so I arrived home on the day after it was due back, got an elderly woman to help me, and then sent it in. When I got the physical proof in December, I found more errors along with missing footnotes, which I was told they were endnotes. I returned the proof, thinking that surely, Tate would insert the missing footnotes. Yeah, right! WRONG!

When it was released in March of 2014, I read the novel through it’s entirely, cried at the end, and then sent Mark Mingle a message that the material was full of errors and so on. He stated to outline the errors and return them to him, which I did. During this time, my marketing and project managers changed and no one knew what was going on, so I had to constantly start over, which landed me paying another $500.00 for a second edition, which to this DATE– IS NOT DONE!!

On to Royalties.

July of 2014 I received an e-mail stating I would receive a check in the amount of $1.20, which I did. Third quarter, I received an email stating I would receive a check in the amount of $14.65, which I never got. In December 2014, I received an email about the 1099 and how much I had earned, at which time I sent it back, telling Tate not to send in that false information. You did.

December 4th, 2014, I sent out e-mails to Daniel Egos, Chris Coffey, Christina Hicks, Melanie Hughes, and Maria Arrdaba, telling–NOT ASKING–that all marketing, print, distribution, and sales be stopped until further notice.

When it went unanswered, I sent another one to the same people on December 16th, 2014, in the form of communication. December 17th, 2014, I received a reply from Mrs. Hughes, stating she did not understand and for me to clarify so everyone was on the same page. Everything that I said, went on as though I never said a word.

Mr. Tate, I have tried ways of not having to do what I am about to do, but you leave me no choice. Among the complaints from the BBB and Consumer Affairs, you have conned and scammed so many into paying you money without consequences.


Thank You,



Tate Publishing





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