Imaginary Friend

“Hey, Luke,” my head whispered, “it’s time to rise and shine.”

I opened one eye at a time to the first morning’s light, stretched, and yawned.

“Yeah?” I said and barked. Then it brought back the memory of me in my wolf’s form.

“Check this out,” my unnamed friend said.

“What’s that?” I woofed as I stood up on all fours.

“Over there, that deer,” my head beckoned.

As though I were being led by my head, I looked down my snout toward the forest and spotted some antlers, leading to a deer, feeding on some foliage.

“You game?” My head asked.

“Of course,” I woofed, shaking my head up and down.

“Take it,” my friend snarled. “You know you want to like I do. Remember, I’ve taught you well, my friend.”

While I hesitated, the deer noticed my presence and took off running. Being the arrogant hothead I’d become, I took off after it. Until my four legs were running as fast as they could carry me, I kept sight of the deer as I darted through the trees, and leaping over trees like hurtles. But yet the deer was faster.

“It hasn’t gotten off that easy,” my mind whispered.

“Show me,” I said, whined, and wagged my tail.

Without a wasted moment, my friend took the lead, and we were after that deer like a bullet from a gun.


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