Chapter Twelve

Once I saw how his facial features had become an animals’, I leaped out of the chair. When Daniel and Jason scrambled to their feet, they knocked over the coffee table and tray of water, shattering glass all over the floor.

“What the f—?” I shouted. “Impossible.”

“When it starts, y’all will know it,” Joey said, returning to a human form.

“How the h— did ya do…?” Jason’s trembling voice said. “I’ve known ya my whole life, and I’ve never seen the likes.”

Daniel swore and added, “Not to mention, you’re my… grandparents. Imagine that.”

As we made our exit, we could hear Joey yelling, “No matter where ya go, the time is coming.”

Spooked, scared, whatever I could think to call it, we ran, instead of walking, until we were outside in the falling sunlight.

Upon reaching the hood of the truck, I felt things were not as they seemed. I turned to Jason standing next to me, and Daniel mumbled under his breath.

“Did he do what I think he did in there?” I asked Jason.

“It or he, looked like the thing in my dreams,” Daniel said in a roundabout way. “Did it to y’all?”

“Yeah,” Jason whispered, though someone might hear.

“Are you two going home?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Jason said.

“It’s late,” Daniel finished.

Once we were in the truck, they took me home first. After they left me standing on the lawn, I decided to take the Camaro and go out to see Luther.


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