Chapter 3

Just as the bus station, Concord Coach Lines, came into view, Kenna pulled into the lot, behind a Checkered Cab, and followed it to the drop-off entrance at the front. Kenna left the engine idling while the three of us sat there a moment, staring at the double doors. With a grim smile, I looked over the seat at the two, looking back at me.

“Well?” I said, reaching for the door handle and sighed. “I guess I had better get out, right?” I opened the door, got out and stood up on shaky knees. “Here goes nothing,” I said, eyeing Kenna over the roof of the jeep.

I stumbled to the rear of the jeep for my bags, but when I turned around Kenna grabbed me around the neck. “[1]Adio, wli nanawalmezi [Good-bye, take care of yourself],” his teary voice whispered in my ear.

[2]Wliwni ni [Thank you],” I said, returning his hug.

Alex pulled us apart, stepped in and gave me a warm hug around the neck as well. “[3]Adio [Good-bye],” he whispered.

I returned his hug then we said our farewells. While they climbed back into the jeep and drove out of the lot, I waved. As soon as the green jeep was out of sight, I wiped my eyes dry, grabbed my bags, and walked inside for a ticket.


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